Day 15: Daily December Challenge

Everyday I wake up and allow myself to connect with that part of me that is truly passionate about life. Finally being able to blog about the things that interest me has been my saving grace. I finally have a release for the everyday, mundane, frustrations of life. Creatively, through fashion, beauty, and over all diy trials I have learned to believe in me. It feels like I have waited a long time to get to this place, a place where many get to early on. It feels great not only to feel comfortable in my own skin, but also be able to have a voice and be brave enough to use it to help others (I hope). I am grateful that you wonderful peeps comment, like, and visit my page. It’s a wonderful feeling connecting with others who understand the need to support one another. ย This smile is due to all of your support these past couple of months!


Thank you!


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