Day2: Daily December Challenge (Blogmas)


Today I was given a wonderful gift that reminded me of a part of me that I tend to ignore in my every day life, my inner child. My cousin bought me a wand from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. First, I must admit that since it was unexpected I screamed with joy. Second, the surprise and overall emotions that the wand brought up made me cry.The child in me was reminded of the magic of being able to see the world through innocent  and imaginative eyes.
This present, was a wonderful reminder of a promise I made a very long time ago, to never leave behind the part of me that never wanted to grow up. By this I mean to embrace the small moments and believe in the magic of dreaming.
In the end, what may seem like a small gesture to one person can be a more a impactful moment in someone else’s life. So embrace the moments in life when you are full of childhood wonder. Or even to be able to believe that anything is possible and forget the cynicism we tend to gain as we grow older.

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