Day1:Daily December Challenge (Blogmas)


Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I want the next 31 days to be about being positive and motivating others to be kind and positive toward each other. Let’s spread the love and build each other up instead of ripping people to pieces.
On this first day of Blogmas, I want to talk about the love of fandoms. The support that people give to each other on YouTube, television, movies, or even to bloggers is amazing. Complete strangers become friends by sharing their love of beauty, fashion, motivational or inspirational pursuits.
Slowly but surely, that group of individuals become a formidable cyber family that help each other. It’s a wonderful thing to see and experience. It makes makes you feel great for wanting to share your thoughts or ideas with the world when people are so receptive to them.


This epiphany comes after, watching The Walking Dead mid-season finale and realizing that I am extremely attached to fictional characters. This is something I have lived with since I picked up the Harry Potter series when I was 11. The attachments began and over time as I have grown, and experience life, the bonds with the characters become stronger. I have come to accept that it is okay to be this way. It just means that our ability to connect with others is deep, especially with the writers/creators of these characters. Hopefully, this helps someone out there, so that they know that every super fan of a book, show or movie is alike in some unique way.


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