New Month, New Outlook, and Some of my Favorite Things

I want to begin October on a positive note. September may be my birthday month, however, this month was not too kind to me. So, I am hoping that October will transition us into fall weather with a hint of some positivity. Here are some of my favorite things/ comfort items that I love to have (watch or listen to) when I’ve had a bad day. I hope it makes you feel better.

1. Comfort Food: Krave Double Chocolate Cereal my mouth is watering as I write this!


2. Manicure Color: Wet N Wild Megalast: Refresh-Mint Color


3. Books: Stay Strong: 365 days a year by Demi Lovato

When I need to sit and reflect Demi’s book allows me to do that and not feel alone. I am a huge fan of daily meditations and here is the one for today: “We can’t control all in life … but what we can do is look ahead and dictate where we go next.” -Demi


Second Book: Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 


Whenever, I need a laugh or a reminder that I cannot take life too seriously this book just helps me. Plus, I love Mindy Kaling!

3. Shows: Modern Family  (Is a riot!).

The Mindy Project (I am hooked on Mindy’s and Danny’s Story line).

The Big Bang Theory (Obsession!)

4. My Sidekick: Gizmo (He’s totally Boss!)


5. Music: How can I survive without some goo tunes? Here is a list of my favorites at the moment.

Ed Sheeran’s X Album

Charli XCX- Break the Rules

alt-J- Kingdom

Lorde’s- Yellow Flicker Beat

Hilary Duff’s- All About You

Phantograms- Black Out Days

6. My Big Olaf: (Cuddle Buddy) What other snowman can make you smile and sing?! Love him!


Till next time!


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