Look for Less: Shopping on a $50 Budget

No matter what age we all live on a budget. If you are in school that part time job will only pay for most of what you want, which is the cell phone bill. If you are a young adult, it is crucial to budget in order to survive and live independently. As a result of this lifestyle, many of us have to adapt. I came up with this challenge my friend and I could do while out shopping. We love the mall! It’s actually really pathetic how much time we spend there. Anyway, I challenged her and myself to buy an entire outfit for under $50. On one of our shopping therapy sessions- you know the ones we tend to have when life is stressful- we took up the challenge. Boy, was luck on our side! Many of our favorite stores had great sales. Here are the two outfits along with the total for each outfit. Perhaps, you and your friends can challenge each other to shop on a budget. Plus, it makes shopping an adventure.

                        My friend’ s outfit she spent a total of $45.    

This entire outfit was purchased at ForeverXXI.

My outfit cost $32.94 (Winner)

The Letterman sweater is from Forever XXI. The teal t-shirt and skirt are from H&M.

 Next time you go out challenge yourself by trying new things whether with style or limiting yourself budget wise.



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