My SkinCare Product for September : SOBO Age Smoothing Eye Serum

I love trying new products! It is one of the many perks of blogging. As much as I love make up and fashion, I am a freak for skin care. I like for my skin to feel fresh and clean. Plus, if it is all natural it helps too!  The SOBO Skin Care Age Smoothing Eye Serum, helps with puffiness and the skin around the eyes. Furthermore, I used it on my face to help moisturize.

I was pleasantly surprised at how rejuvenated my skin felt. Over seven days, my skin felt more firm and clean especially after wearing make up. The multi-function of the eye serum is worth buying the product. If you are buying it for its age smoothing purpose it works to help make you look awake and vibrant. If you choose to use for your face it does do a great job of locking in the moisture and keeping out harmful elements. While it’s a bit pricey at $42 for .05 oz bottle it is one of those products to splurge on, if you need a good secret weapon for healthy skin. Thanks to Brand Backer and the people at SOBO they are giving my readers 25% off your purchase.

Reader Discount: 25% Off
Reader Discount Code: TRYSOBO


Here are links to their website as well as tips for what to look for in skin care products.

They do provide free shipping!

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