September Style Month: Fall Haul Must Haves

One of the best things about September, aside from my birthday, it’s the fashion fever that takes over the world. From New York  to Milan designers are showcasing the upcoming fashions in larger than life spectacles. As a fashion enthusiast, I have enjoyed every minute of the shows, Yes,  I am talking to you right now Dolce and Gabbana. Enough of that rant! Due to September being the style month, I have been scouting stores, as well as online, for deals for fall/ winter fashion. I have to say that stores are definitely giving us great deals. From the back to school discounts, that really do benefit everyone, to the Labor day sales and the wonderful end of summer sales I have made out like a bandit.

Being a plus sized woman does not leave me with many options when shopping. I have my usual spots: Fashion to Figure, Old Navy, Torrid (occasionally), Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Forever XXI, H&M, New York and Company, and now Wet Seal Plus. Actually, looking at it I guess I do have more options than intended. The great thing now is that many more boutiques and online stores are popping up catering to women of all sizes with affordable prizes and a variety of styles. As a result of all the plus size love, I have been able to find some fashion and beauty essentials for fall. These have been my September Must Haves. Let’s be honest that most of the pieces will become an essential part of my fall/ winter wardrobe. The beauty September Must Haves are by far the ones I am excited about 🙂

PicMonkey Collage 2
Red Varsity Sweater – Forever XXI Teal T-shirt- -H&M Black Skirt- H&M Pineapple and Pomegranate Face Mask – ULTA BOGO Clean and Clear products (Face Wash and Moisturizer) -ULTA Calvin Kline Mascara – ULTA “Mr. Lover” Hot Pink Lipstick – Sephora Nano Pink Lip Pencil- Sephora Make Up For EVER- Birthday Gift from Sephora

As my friend says, “I have a champagne style on a water budget.” Here are the pieces and beauty must haves.

PicMonkey Collage
Red Varsity Sweater – Forever XXI Dark Blue Wash Jeggings – Foever XXI Teal T-shirt- -H&M Black Polka Dress- H&M Red Skater Skirt- Wet Seal Plus Blue and Black Skater Skirt- Wet Seal Plus Floral Infinity Scarf- Gift My obsession Betsey Johnson Backpack- DSW
PicMonkey Collage3
The two jeans in the middle are also from Forever XXI. They were on sale for $9.99. I mixed and matched some key pieces to dress up and down the jeans as well as the skirt.

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Until the next one! I challenged my friend when we were shopping, something you will want to read about.


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