In Honor of September 1st, Here is to Emma Watson (Harry Potter Day)!

 tumblr_nb87xfwlmi1rdlsfdo1_500    Growing up, Emma Watson became my role-model. Not only was she an intelligent and independent witch on the big screen, but in real life she valued education and the importance of embracing individuality. More than ten years since the beginning of Harry Potter mania she has become, for me, a fellow woman to admire. Not only did she pursue a post-secondary education and graduated, she managed to continue making films while working with different philanthropic organizations. Now she is the UN’s Women Goodwill Ambassador, promoting education for women around the world. As a Harry Potter fan, I am proud of the woman she has become and what she promotes on and off the screen. In the magical world, Hermione is cheering for joy at what Emma Watson has accomplished so far in her life.

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