Ladies this is a must read on how we should view ourselves as women of all shapes and sizes

Body Culture

As most of you can infer from my previous posts and my about me, I am ALL about body positivity. Thus, when someone says something genuinely mean about a woman’s figure I get heated. #bitchfit

Let me preface this story by saying that I am a very docile, happy and calm person 99% of the time. But, when the boy I dated for a few months smugly said body-shaming related comments then this passionate, furious and outspoken version of myself emerged.

We’ll call him Boy X.

I told Boy X that I want to coach/consult girls and help them create healthier relationships with food. Ultimately, I’d like to help girls with binge eating disorder (BED), anorexia and bulemia. Boy X chuckled. He told me that I’m insane and should “tell that fat piece of shit with BED to get on a treadmill and stop shoving cake down her throat.”

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