Plea from One Fandom to Another: Young Adult Novel Series


No matter how old you are everyone is passionate about something; be it a book series, a hobby, a movie, a show or a game. It does not matter who you are, when something captures your attention as a person you are in till the very end. I speak as a diehard Potter Fan. Over the summer, I have read many YA novels one being the Vampire Academy series. No spoilers, please, I am midway through the series.- Anyway, as a die hard fan of many different books and television shows I know what it is like to want to see characters continue their journey and not be able to see that happen. Cue the cast of Firefly, when Fox cancelled the show. Oh was I angry, still am! Or having to wait ten years for a sequel because of funding. Nevertheless, as a habitual reader this is an observation for fellow readers. I only ask that you see this from a reader’s

point of view from one fandom to another.

The magic of reading is that it allows people to explore a world they never thought possible. Additionally, it allows us to escape into a reality different from our own. I love seeing fans come together to rally for what they want.  It demonstrates dedication and passion for not only a story, but also the faith fans have in the author and the world she/ he created. So, if you are a fan of any series be it a movie franchise, a televisions show, or a book/ author, help spread the word about the producers of Vampire Academy. Help the fans see their sequel come to life, even if it does not make it to theaters and it goes straight to video. As a new member of the V.A. readership, I do like the sassiness and kick-assness of the main character, Rose. Not to mention the focus on friendship between Rose and Lissa. Girl Power all the way!!! Help a reader out, yo! The plot may not be for everyone, but it does have a dedicated following. No one should judge others for what they like, it is all a matter of preference.

Furthermore, whether you are a fan or not, spread the word and help the V.A. Fandom get their wish. Looking back at my childhood, if I did not have the Harry Potter books and movies I would have been lost. I shudder to think what would have become of me. Harry Potter both the books and movies helped me to make friends, friends I have to this day. I hope that these books and potential movies (6 book, so 5 more movies) helps fans to connect and form lifelong friendships. I am not comparing Harry Potter to Vampire Academy (Not Even Close) no offense to diehard fans, I am only stating that as fans we all have one goal in mind and that is to continue living in the world our beloved characters live in for a little while longer.

Finally, spread the word about Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film, the sequel to this years Vampire Academy. Help people raise money. Also, by donating money you receive incentives for helping make the film come to life. I plead that you think of your own journey as a fan. Go back to when you first turned the page of your favorite book. Or the first time you watched the first episode of your can’t miss/ live without television series. Or to those who will go to midnight releases in order to see what they love before anyone else. Hold on to those feelings because nothing beats that rush of falling in love with a story or character. There’s nothing like the first time! As fans, we must all stick together, not bring each other down. Give a helping hand. Don’t forget to remember!

– From a Book Fan

P.S. Here is the link to the website to donate:



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