Simple Style for a Relaxing Day

    As much as I love wearing dresses, I do enjoy wearing pants especially colorful ones. Nothing says fun and flirty like a pair of cool colorful trousers that really make an outfit pop. Now, many women believe that if they are a certain size they need to stick with dark black, navy or dark grey pants. No ladies. Light colors are out there and can be worn accordingly to show off your shape. If I am wearing colorful pants I keep my top simple and understated, so that I only have one statement piece. In this outfit, I chose a white sheer top because it was hot outside. It was a simple comfort choice. lol Now my favorite part of any outfit ***drumroll*** the SHOES! Yes, I love shoes it’s really an addiction. I need help. They were black lace design shoes. Comfortable and practical with an edge. 


So do not be afraid to put a little color in your life and wardrobe. Little by little start pushing the boundaries. 


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