Down with the Holiday Blues

 If you are like me you have a loud and boisterous family, which means that drama tends to follow when they are all in the same room. Alcohol, strong opinions, and old school latinos are a telenovela waiting to happen. So here are some tips to help combat those feelings of dread of what may come this holiday season. 

Remember that the best solution for holiday blues is to do something special for someone else.

 1. Take time to do things for yourself. Treat yourself to a good book, cd, a shopping trip, or a good movie night in. 

2. Start traditions with your friends that take place at this time of year. For example, a holiday treat swap, drinks and cheesy Christmas movie marathon night. 

3. If finance is putting a damper on the holidays, like it is for me, do a pollyanna or budget to spend only a certain amount on each individual in your life. 

4. This step helped me last Christmas compiling a playlist of upbeat Christmas or current pop songs to listen/ dance to. 


5. Also, creative gifts (homemade) collages, a scarf or sweater (like Mrs. Weasley makes) make good presents. People appreciate the effort. 


6. Volunteer your time or raise money for those in need. This year, I have been helping raise money to donate to the Philippines Relief Fund through Unicef. 


7. DIY decorations for your apartment, room, or house. They are fun and allow you to express your creativity. I tried this idea this year and it has helped tremendously. 

8. Make daily goals to battle one of the feelings that is overwhelming you this holiday season. For example, if I am sad  I acknowledge it and make a list of all the things I have to be happy about in my life. 


9. You are not the only one battling the blues this season. Knowing that some of my friend also are battling the holiday blues is a good support system because we can help each other when we are down. 

10. Be realistic this holiday season. The movies paint such a lovely fantastic view of how things should be instead of how they actually are. Be happy with your reality and if you are not happy with it, then change it so that you can be happy with your life. 

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