It’s Coming: Superhero Week 2014

A. A. Omer

Hey Guys,

This past May, I started the first annual Superhero Week to basically showcase superhero fiction which is still a pretty small subgenre in literature. I wanted to have meaningful discussions about the genre and the characters in it. It was awesome time and I had a blast putting it together. I’m a sucker for superheroes and I got amazing guest posts from fellow bloggers/superhero fans.

So why am I bringing up something that happened in the past?

Well, I wanted to announce two things on the blog officially:

  1. Superhero Week is happening again in 2014 and this year it’ll be focused on: SUPERVILLAINS!
  2. Superhero Week 2014: Supervillains will be from April 28th to May 2nd 2014.

I chose supervillains as the focus because it felt like a natural progression to focus on the other side of the superhero coin: the Antagonists. I’ve got some cool posts planned where…

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