Flaws are beautiful

Normally, I try not to preach about body image and self confidence, especially on this blog. Nevertheless, it takes a creative and open mind to see the beauty in others, those characteristics that are not obvious. Your flaws make you beautiful whether you are plus size,Β  a size two, have a ridunculous booty, big hips, or thin eyebrows. Whatever the case is you’re beautiful. Additionally, guys you do not have to be ripped with Spartan abs and muscles for a girl to like you. We like the imperfections, even more so if the guy has an amazing personality that shines. If you do not believe me take it from Lily Collins,”I realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes like a piece of art every one is different, from size to technique. The result isΒ  the same a timeless piece of art.

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